New Demo Reel. Bandit Brothers coming out soon…

This extended director's cut features nearly two minutes of additional footage. A good-natured businessman faces various obstacles to get to the meeting that could change his life. Along the way he discovers joy in the interruptions. Written and Directed by Jeremy Carr Produced by Jeremy Carr, Paul Gibson, and Andy Caldwell Edited by Jeremy Carr and Gabriel Posey Ryan: Paul Gibson Angie: Jennifer G.

Confidence and the Speech - Paul Gibson plays Hamilton Jordan in Confidence (and The Speech)! Jordan was Carter's right hand man in the White House - See it September 6 - 15 @ Duke Energy Theater at Spirit Square.


Bandit Brothers - Two brothers with a love for Smokey and the Bandit come together to settle their differences.  Coming soon.


The Short Film One Love (Night Version Remix)

Tom Scott and Paul Gibson in On Golden Pond

I do not own the rights to Bill Conti's Going The Distance - Death Of A Salesman turns into a coffee drinking competition, things turn dark (roast that is)

A scene from Drag Him Out

Paul was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and his  passion for performing was unleashed as a child.  Kids would laugh at him eating corn on the cob with his buck teeth while whistling the Raiders Of The Lost Ark theme.  That fueled his drive for wanting to make people laugh and desire to become better at it. 

 Over the last 15 years, he has studied Stanislavsky, Meisner, and Del Close's method of Improv.   He has learned from some of the comedy greats like Mo Collins (MAD TV) Ike Barinholz (MAD TV) and Kevin McDonald (Kids In The Hall).

In his spare time, Paul likes taking pictures, playing drums, traveling, and spending time with his family.